PHP-FPM is not plaintext: How to connect to it to troubleshoot

Our dev team has learned something new today.

We were wrestling with the Appsbang php-fpm. At one point, we wanted to connect it directly using Telnet, but it wouldn’t work.

Turns out it’s because it’s not plain text!

We found the solution here. There is a tool called cgi-fcgi that allows queries directly to php-fpm!

To install it: yum – enablerepo = spell install fcgi
To connect: cgi-fcgi-bind-connect

We know one more thing.

How to make GIFs by recording screen on an unrooted Nexus 5

GIF the people what they want.

Our in-office emails are heavily populated by Pokémon, Bring It On, and total weirdos busting a move. That’s right, we’re as addicted to GIFs as you are.

We’re convinced the future is video – quick, useful previews of what an app will be like before you have to take a chance on a download.

Recording video from the screen of Android devices is significantly more complicated than on their iOS counterparts. Not long ago, you used to have to be root to make it happen. Great news – that’s no longer the case, and we’ve figured out how to streamline the process from start to finish.

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