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How to design and embed a custom timeline slider in your website with Timeline JS

As part of the project to define, develop and foster our own company’s culture, we have crafted a welcome kit we are proudly handing over to the new members of the team. The Appszoomer Ultimate Survival Guide¬†(that’s the humble name we’ve given to it) is in web format and teaches the newbies the basics of […]

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Linux Execute Cron Job After System Reboot

Crontab is a program used in linux to execute schedule scripts. If you need to run one script after rebooting the server you can use @reboot. @reboot /path/to/job @reboot /path/to/shell.script @reboot /path/to/command

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PHP-FPM is not plaintext: How to connect to it to troubleshoot

Our dev team has learned something new today. We were wrestling with the Appsbang php-fpm. At one point, we wanted to connect it directly using Telnet, but it wouldn’t work. Turns out it’s because it’s not plain text! We found the solution here.¬†There is a tool called cgi-fcgi that allows queries directly to php-fpm! To […]

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