Why Every Office Should Communicate Using GIFs


Although this isn’t the first (nor will it be the last) post that we write using GIFs, this is something that many people find weird, especially the newbies. And we don’t do it because we’re just that cool, either.

Rather, we do it because GIF’ are usually found in emails between colleagues, safe from the judging eyes of bosses, big chiefs, or badass head honchos of every kind. In the outside world, GIFs are fun, and that makes them a perceived danger to productivity.


But in Appszoom, GIFs are everywhere. They fly from right to left and they go up and down, they’re free and they don’t hide themselves. Here we call them GIF like in “to give” ([/gɪv/]), and we don’t care what CNN says, or what Obama says, or how the creators say about how we should pronounce it (see here).

There are many reasons to use GIFs, and we’re about to explain most of them.

is it a kissing book

AZ’s staff is not only multidisciplinary but also multicultural. Although we could say that Spanish is (mostly) the common language, GIFs are the true and only lingua franca.

With GIFs you can express emotions rather than instructions and data. Most of them answer the question of “this is like…” or “I feel like…” That’s why it ends up being so clear — having a misunderstanding doesn’t happen so often, and if it does, everyone’s messages are well-meant.


It’s fast. If you’re sure of the idea you want to express, and if you know where and how to look, it’s really fast. If you cannot answer with a GIF in, like, fifteen or twenty seconds, you have a keyboard where you can type things. And maybe it also means that you have nothing to say.


It’s fun. Important subjects will always be treated in a professional and elegant way, but the mere fact of writing the Most Serious Emails doesn’t prove in any way you’re more committed to the project than your colleagues.


It’s modern. Because it’s nonsense to live in the year 2014 and keep sending emails like if they were faxes.


It’s free. In every sense. You don’t need plug-ins and stuff. Plus, if you’re working with Chrome, it’s as easy as dragging the GIF from a tab to the email you’re about to send.

bowling intercept

It’s personal. It’s like when somebody has his or her own writing style including some special words. With GIFs, it’s the same. There are people that prefer GIFs about Friends, or about Goku, or about GIFever. Of course, they don’t always use the same GIF, but you can sometimes get the idea in advance about what you’re going to get from them. Anyway, the idea about them is not to repeat yourself, so it makes every conversation one-of-a-kind.


It goes along with AZ and our mission. We work and we promote an audiovisual environment where everything is fast and efficient. We also create our own GIFs to illustrate apps and games, so it makes sense, doesn’t it?


It’s mobile-friendly. Videos, we’re sorry, but you’re still not so friendly.


They still have a future. The future of GIFs are more GIFs, so, in a way, VINE. If you combine three GIFs in a similar structure to a haiku, the possibilities are endless.

And lastly, we use them just because. We aren’t GIFfers. We were just drawn that way.



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