What I’ve Learned About SEO So Far

As my colleague Janel explained in her previous post, I’m working on my peer review process as well. My goal is clear: I want to learn everything I possibly can about SEO. I want to be able to step up and do my best in case they need someone to help out. I want to think SEO and talk SEO and walk SEO.

Our User Acquisition Manager, Céline (or SEOline, as we like to call her), has been preparing interesting and complete educational units every week so I can refresh my knowledge, do some exercises, and learn new techniques which I hadn’t heard of before.

Here’s what I recommend you start with if you want to learn SEO. 

Read this long but thorough beginners’ guide to SEO, which tries to explain what the heck SEO means, plus why it’s important for websites. It explores the basics of search engines and how we interact with them.

Subscribe to renowned websites specialized in SEO knowledge. A great example is Search Engine Land, which offers a detailed newsletter including everything you should read about SEO news and changes.

It’s important to have a clear idea which factors are taken into account when ranking pages in Google. The best you can do is to watch this dynamic video, which will quickly teach you the basics.

Some of the factors are pretty obvious (keywords, content quality, links), but others like freshness (publishing regularly and whenever your content requires it) and diversity (the search engine will try to show a diversity of results) are less intuitive and great to know.

A website requires crawling, indexing, and ranking to reach its audience through search engines. In order for the spiders to crawl your website correctly, you should consider structure, sitemaps, and blockers.

Use your company’s website as an example and draw a sketch of its hierarchy. Submit sitemaps for the pages you want to prioritize. Above all, make sure you’re not doing anything which can damage the process, like duplicated content and internal, irrelevant, outdated pages.

To be continued as I keep learning…



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